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Our names are Irene and Christofer and we are the founders of Rebel Walls. We have wallpaper in our blood and love to dress the walls with personality. It is difficult to know how to begin to tell our story. It begins somewhere between Grandpa Folke beginning as an errand boy at a wallpaper store in Sweden in 1924 and us meeting in high school in 1995.
Our wallpaper adventure began in the deepest forests of Småland at Nässjö Wallpaper Factory where we learned to love the smell of newly printed wallpapers. We learned the importance of service and distribution and the challenges of entrepreneurship with family companies.
The journey continued with a vision to start a human company that thinks long term and takes responsibility. Flexible production, strong team members and a design that speaks to people's willingness to change their environment was the idea of ​​Rebel Walls.
Our History


Grandpa Folke graduates and starts working in the Rudells wallpaper shop. Borås, Sweden in 1924.