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POM POM R13391
  1. Wall Murals
  2. No 4 – Spectrum
33,00 GBP/m2
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These decorative paper pom-poms seem to be both light and fluffly gathered close together on the wallpaper surface. With Pom Pom in the pink color, it is reminiscent of reflections in pool water. Just color selection alone gives a softness, and a near dreamy atmosphere. Place the wallpaper on a wall in the kitchen and breakfast becomes a pleasant meal. Dress a child for the day, with the walls of this wallpaper and you create harmony, or give that dreary hallway wall a smooth profile for a makeover. The wallpaper is customizable, so you decide how much space it will cover, and if the color choice is not to your liking, you can make changes with our Design Service