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It's time to update your room with unique feature wall from our selections
Are you considering decorating, but do not have the energy, budget or the time to cover an entire room? This Feature wall category offers you the best canvas where you can experiment with colour, bold patterns, and even interesting images. A huge advantage of having this selection in your living room is that you can incorporate them into your existing design with a feature wall. Feature walls also offer you a means of making your living room, bedroom, or otherwise - look chic, stylish, and sophisticated. If you are worried about covering your entire room or have a colour commitment phobia, you definitely need a unique Rebel Walls design for your feature wall.




Feature wall brings out unique designs and gives a unique experience.

At Rebel Walls, we have revolutionized the art of wallpapering and offer you tools that will change your environment. Our feature wall wallpaper is produced using up-to-date machines utilizing digital printing technology. This technology offers you a huge array of unique patterns, pictures, colours, and designs that allow you to explore your inner designer without having to do your entire room.

Rebel Walls’ living room products are created from the highest quality non-woven paper. The wallpaper is then made sturdier by reinforcing it with nylon fibres. In order to ensure that you are getting a product that will stand for many years to come, and don’t forget that Rebel Walls’ feature wall designs include free adhesive in every purchase you make. If you are purchasing from a dealer, ask them to add non-woven wallpaper glue with your purchase for your feature wall. Our product in this category is lightfast; this means that our designs will not lose colour even after years of using them. The production technology ensures that the colours you see as you purchase your feature wall are the same colours you will get years after use. Further to boost your experience with our wallpapers, our feature wall products come with two waves wash ability that increases their durability. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.