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Brighter than life
Murals are the oldest forms of artistic expression, often incorporating the artistic and architectural elements of the structure into the mural itself. Starting in 30,000 B.C. until present day we have come a long way with this traditional use of art in your home. Wallpaper was one of the ways that people beginning in modern times attempted to open up smaller living spaces; this has given way for graffiti and other forms of urbanized expression being brought into our private homes. The enveloping art of the wallpaper has been utilized in architecture across the world, and now the contemporary mural wallpaper can help you dictate your personal style and help illuminate the world you live in.

Mural Wallpaper


Captivating mural wallpaper from Rebel Walls

You will not regret placing these modern mural wallpapers in your home to highlight your own personal style and inspiration from a classical form of artistry. This is easily installed onto any large wall in your home and you can choose from a large selection of murals, from wall murals graffiti to portraits, or even choose your own mural art, from your personal collection of photographs, to be developed into mural wallpaper.

You can get all the most innovative, artistic, and wonderfully classic murals right here at Rebel Walls for home. Just imagine having signature portraits, personal photos, or Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel mural on the walls of your home, there’s so much you can do to add creative edge to your home. The best part about Rebel Walls is that there is a delivery time & options for all your wallpaper requirements.