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Creating individual home art that makes defines your home or workspace look sophisticated.

From the cave art of prehistoric man, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans to present day street art, man has decorated their walls; some to beautify their space, others to make statements, political and personal. Modern wallpaper for walls still fulfills these objectives. However edgy or contemporary you want your space to be murals online from Rebel Walls will have a choice that suits you. Unique wallpaper for walls can be flowing beautiful pieces of art, sophisticated and elegant, or urban and stark. From edgy to romantic, urban to vintage our murals online offer you the opportunity to make your own unique display.



Rebel Walls offer you the opportunity to create unique and beautiful wallpaper for your walls at home or at work.

Do you remember the excitement of going to the fair, the lights, the sounds, the colours? Riding on the beautifully coloured carousel horses? These don’t have to be just distant memories, with Rebel Walls you can bring all of those memories back to life. Explore our vintage collection for walls. You can combine our murals online with your memorabilia to make your space fun and contemporary. Graffiti art is very popular and on trend and putting this type of urban chic in your home is youthful, earthy and allows you to make your statement and reflects your personality.

Our wallpapers are easy to order, simple to hang and worldwide standard UPS delivery is absolutely free. Take your time strolling through our collections, enjoying the feel whilst you make your choice. Colour or monochromatic, gentle or stark, whatever your taste in art is we have it at Rebel Walls for you and our design services are always on hand to offer experienced support.