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Photo Wallpaper

Offers a Design to Suit Everyone
In the world of interior design, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is what to do about the walls in your home. Once you’ve chosen wallpaper over paint (congratulations, good choice!), you face the daunting task of choosing the perfect design that reflects both your personality and style, whilst simultaneously blending with the exisiting decor. Fortunately we’re in the midst of a wallpaper resurgence, and it no longer remains in the domain of old fogies. These days traditional and sophisticated wallpapers can be found alongside cutting edge designs, and it’s possible to find a design to suit everyone.

Photo Wallpaper


Welcome to the World of Photo Wallpaper Personalisation

Photo wallpaper helps you create the environment you want to live in. Have you always wanted to live in the city despite living in the countryside? Then a cityscape design is perfect for you! You can likewise bring the calming influence of nature to your inner-city apartment with a rural landscape. We have a wide range of high quality photo wallpapers to choose from here at Rebel Walls.

However, we understand you may prefer something a little more personal, and that’s why we offer the service of turning your own favourite photos into beautiful wall designs for your home. If you have captured a special moment or person that you want to immortalise on your wall, then upload a photo and create a wall mural with your image. Maybe you have a photo of a stunning sunset, a special family photo, your child’s artwork, or some street art that impressed you; whatever it is be sure the quality is good and use digital enhancement software if necessary. We can do the rest, and soon you will be in possession of your own custom designed photo wallpaper, which is easy to install with these hanging instructions.

Indeed, photo wallpaper is becoming increasingly popular as a highly personalised representation of an individual’s taste and interests. Rebel Walls is your one-stop-shop for wallpaper perfection.