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Stylish unpredictability brought to you

The cascading effect of dripping rust makes modern art of a sheet of metal. Our collection of metal colours wallpaper has a wide range of colours which can fit in all kinds of surroundings. Combining in various hues of metals these classic murals changes the mood of your room. The orange shade of rust lends its unique beauty to your walls. Also you can mix and match with teary orange rust for a different look. If you are interested in gray shades, then perhaps dark grey marble wallpaper will suit your style.

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Metal Colors


Natural blue in a splash of water styled wallpapers makes your home look cool!

Imagine the splash of water with the transparent blue texture. It has a relaxing feel to it. Mix it with dark coloured furniture, or even a natural brown to have that unique blend you need. The metal colours wallpaper collection can fit well both in your home or office. You can also try the wrinkled paper. This one is a piece of art which will make you breathless.

We have another set of burnt orange which brings back the memories of burning newspaper for fun. The child in you will be brought back to life. The metal colours wallpaper collection at Rebel Walls has a very unique feeling. It will bring a calming sense to your home. If you have a design that is etched in your mind; consult our experts to convert the dream image into reality. When you are in love with the design, order and you have many delivery options. So just check though the designs and you will find one that is the right for your surroundings. Rebel Walls has a huge collection of murals made for you!









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