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Simplicity Of Pattern

The geometric shapes in our large collection adds subtle depth to you space

This amazing collection from Rebel Walls will intrigue and attract the mathematician in you; aesthetically pleasing to the eye they also attract the artist. Fractals, geometric shapes, harlequin patterns, all produce symmetry that science has proven we find attractive. Looking at our wall murals checkered collection you will find our compelling fractal wallpaper. These lovely shaded murals can be placed in any direction to achieve an interesting dynamic. The infinitely complex patterns, which are self-similar across different scales, draw the eye of the visitors. Fractals are complex and simple and the layer effect of these chequered wall murals adds depth to any space they are in.

Wall Murals Hanging Instructions

A selection of wall murals


The attraction of bold and energizing patterns makes your room look vibrant and spacious.

A soft palette of colour with their geometrical lattice work is appealing and chic, giving vibrancy and depth to your room. Using with retro or minimalistic décor these would make an ideal feature wall covering. Very on-trend at the moment, concrete blocks have been adapted for our tile category. This upscale mural has a subtle strength and works well in a minimalist décor. Also with our tile class you will find a range of exotic square tiles, reminiscent of Morocco, the colours subtle and attractive, working well in kitchens and dining rooms, maybe even creating a hamam style bathroom.

Our wall murals are sophisticated and urban, they harmonise well with today’s modern themes both interesting and artistic. Available in soft or graphic colors there is checkered wallpaper just waiting for you. Ordering is simple, standard worldwide delivery is free, you could be transforming your room with one of our pieces of mural art within days.