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Make your rooms the envy of your neighbourhood.

Unique colours in your room will encourage the imagination of everyone in your home as well as your guests. Make your home the envy of the entire neighbourhood with these fun pieces. Choose from several colourful wallpaper styles – from nature, typography, vintage, travel and art. Rebel Walls colourful wallpaper has every style you can imagine for your rooms. You will also find an interesting array of colour themes meant to reflect your personal choice – from candy colours to terra colours that introduce new life to every room in your home. No matter your preference or personal lifestyle; every product is designed with you in mind. The latest collection is suitable for all ages and temperaments.

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Why Rebel Walls Colourful Wallpaper?

The many colours on the colourful wallpaper are printed on a non-woven stellar quality paper reinforced with nylon fibres that ensure that every product is stable. All you need to do is apply adhesive directly on your wall making your installation that much easier. The fun, colourful murals are manufactured in adherence to the EN ISO 11925-2 European standard fire rating.

One critical thing you should ensure is that your purchase is lightfast. Rebel Walls products will not lose their colour, and keep amazing you. The production technology used ensures that it is resistant to fading; meaning your rooms will look as good as new even years down the road. Another critical factor that should be taken into consideration is the washability of the product you are about to purchase. Rebel Walls colourful wallpaper has two waves washability, which provides you with optimal protection. Are you ready to take a plunge in the colours? You have the option of buying your product online and have it delivered to your doorstep through free UPS freight worldwide shipping. Your purchase includes wallpaper paste and you are ready to give your home a fresh look that will last for decades.