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A small room with used or refurbished furniture can challenge even the most experienced, professional interior decorator. Add cushions with bright colours and the average homeowner might never find a compatible color for the room. When solitary hues clash with decor, striped wallpaper is the perfect solution. A mural with stripes complements a room's larger furnishings without overwhelming subtle fabric of lampshades or clashing with your existing window treatments. Narrow rooms seem wider with horizontal stripes, while their shorter cousins look taller with vertical stripes. You can enhance faded floor tiles with wallpaper striped in complimentary colours, or hide minor decorating flaws by drawing attention to an accent wall. Rebel Walls digital printing process places jewel tones beside lighter, cooler pastels with precision.

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Changing a room's mood, without overwhelming its occupants, is easy with an accent wall of alternating bold and muted colours. Make a child's bedroom a fit for a princess with shades of pink, pale green and white, or an instant rain forest intermingling rich browns, greens, and sky blue. Balance animated conversation and contemplative moments in a dining room with bright and subdued tones. Master bedrooms feel like those of royalty and living rooms have a regal air when a pattern alternates shiny and dusky patterns, punctuated with a bright, unexpected accent stripe. Ribbons of colour create a rhythm that warms rooms, encouraging visitors to linger.

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Shopping for wallpaper is intimidating. Remember to look for designs that complement your room's dominant colour and to use bold colours in smaller spaces. Make shopping easier by finding your room's dominant colour, then its complementary colour, and trust our experienced team to help you choose the best patterns for your home. UPS is known to deliever right to your doorstep!