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The Greeks believed that the sky was a solid sphere, that it held the stars in place and was rotational. We have since discovered the sky is infinite, it is the gateway to exploration. For centuries we have stared at the sky trying to make sense of ourselves and life in general. Today we still look to the skies for hope, tranquillity and serenity. It can be quite difficult to achieve that within a city, or where your home is surrounded by buildings or smog, but don’t despair with wall murals sky we can provide you with the unending sense of space allowing you to have blue skies everyday no matter the weather - who wouldn’t want that?
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Blue skies make us feel good, give us a sense of optimism that anything can happen; our mood significantly improves when we look on a blue sky and floating clouds. Blue is often chosen by people as their favourite colour. It stimulates a sense of calm and has also been found to be a colour that increases productivity, so a good place to put one of our lovely wall murals sky would be in your study. Do you like to sit in a quiet, peaceful atmosphere and think? Our sky murals open you up to untold possibilities.

Just as blue skies relax us, cloud formations fascinate us - who hasn’t seen a shape or face in a cloud or wondered at the secrets they hide? Now you can look endlessly at the clouds with one of our wall murals sky. You might even have your own picture of skies and clouds that you would like to use, our upload option allows you to create a wall mural with your own image. Order from our website or from retailers with our wallpaper. With these stunning sky themed wallpapers your home will be a sky of tranquillity.