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Wallpaper instead of art?

Wallpaper as art! The category Pattern holds on to classic reported variants as well as freer interpretations of the theme. Engaging and dynamic design made with a great sense of craftsmanship in mixed techniques.
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Art wallpaper; an illustration of good taste while keeping in step with today's trends

Take a look at one of our most exclusive and eye catching collections. These designs cover a wide spectrum of tastes from soft tones with a watercolour-like appearance to sleekly crafted and detailed patterns. Take your time to view each creation, step back and take it all in, without a doubt there awaits something especially for you.Open your daily world with a splash of colour, sit back and feel pleased by the compliments you will receive when you display your impeccable taste, which surely sets you apart from the ordinary. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder yet these originals will mirror an unspoken part of who you are.