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Awaken the traveler in you with Rebel Walls

Cities are wonderful complex organisms and even cities we have never visited have an effect on us. Paris, London, New York, all of them hold some significance for us. We might never travel to them in actuality but our dreams do not limit us, and now we can bring the cities to us with Rebel Walls collection. Our extensive range of cityscape murals and skyline murals are a mix of photo, abstract and conceptual designs. All perfect for the urbanite interior design, our famous cities wallpaper for walls will quickly transform any room you add it to.

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Visit and revisit the places of your dreams with Rebel Walls

City wallpaper on a feature wall will attract owner and visitor alike to view, exactly like the piece of art that they are. Used in a workplace, like a café or travel office they act by setting the ambience of the room, pleasing to the eye and entertaining to customers. In the home they are a chance to revisit a location from your past or imagine yourself there. Aesthetically pleasing to look at, our variety of skyline mural offers symmetry of form that is instantly recognizable; the specific architecture evoking memories, and bringing the essence of the neighbourhood right into your home. On trend and cutting edge, they offer you a way to create a dynamic and eclectic backdrop to your home design. So go ahead and order one from our collection.

Maybe you want to add a specific place or skyline of your own, no problems just contact our design services or you can create a wall mural with your own image by uploading a favourite photo or drawing of the city you want. Look at, Delivery times and options for further information on ordering.









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