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Firm but supple - a smooth interior design elements

Those who worked in concrete knows what interesting material it is. It goes from wet, messy and flexible to dry and hard but still with a smooth surface. Concrete is a beautiful material and getting it on a roll instead of slurring it directly on the wall is grateful for many.
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More than concrete murals

Although there are many different wallpapers to choose from designed by Rebel Walls, you may be interested in a more personalized wallpaper to fit your specific wishes. Rebel Walls offers the possibility to choose from over 12,000,000 different images to create your special wallpaper. If you are interested in using one of your own images to cater to your unique style you may upload your image of choice here. Contact our design services if you are interested in designing a new specific wallpapers based on your desires. With free world wide UPS shipping your new wallpaper design will arrive at your destination in no time!