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Bring your dream destination in your view

With backpacks on your back you can explore your own world, and be amazed with the wonders of earth. Be a child and have your map and compass handy, and enjoy the moment. Travelling helps you grow up and face the world on your own. It might be difficult with the busy city life, so bring the world closer to your home with the help of Rebel Walls’ travel wallpaper. The array of designs includes a world map, vintage world map, Buddha and Chinese wall murals. All the design can be made to fit on your walls and transform them into your dream location.

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Live in the place of your dreams without travelling

A world map on your wall will make you feel like a captain of the ship. If installed in your office, it will provide an amazing professional view. The clients will be pleased and business will grow. You can also make your home look like a beach or riverside with Rebel Walls travel wallpaper. The range of wallpapers at Rebel Walls includes highways, signposts, flags and many other designs, which will stretch your imagination. Just a little bit of tinkering with interior designing and your walls can be transformed into the waterways of Venice, or a backdrop of the Eiffel tower. Go ahead and take a tour of the world without actually stepping out of your home!

You want to make a collage of pictures, or want a specific picture as wallpaper just go and select your favourite designs and order. You can easily personalize the products from our Travel Wallpaper category. There are literally thousands of travel pictures to choose from. In case of troubles, you can contact us. These new designs of travel wallpaper will delight you with their variety.









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