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Art in letters, a unique art form for your home.

Letters are a totally human creation, their shape and form driven by their creators needs. Throughout history letters of one sort or another have been used to identify, quantify and communicate. Typography is the assembly of those letters to present a message. The fluctuating forms of letters, like hieroglyphics or the Cyrillic alphabet contain a meaning within their shapes. We have formed letters into alphabets and raised them up to be art in their own rights. The beautiful flowing penmanship of calligraphy speaks to us of elegance and intensity; block letters conveying strength and permanency. The art of graffiti, making political statements to the world around, at Rebel Walls we have taken all of these and more to create our fabulous wallpaper collection.

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Different shapes and styles and a distinctive style to suit your personality

Our collection is beautiful, edgy, sophisticated and elegant; using shapes and symbols that are curvilinear or geometric to form the letters in our wallpaper. Our variety in this category is extensive thereby encouraging you to choose the style best suited to your décor, be it wall graphics, rubber stamps, house numbers or block letters from wood; they, like any art, have a statement to make.

Typography wallpapers lend themselves to most environments, kitchens, living spaces, children’s rooms and workspaces. The graphics you choose only dictated by the boundaries of your imagination. Elegant calligraphy can grace a hallway or bedroom, whilst graffiti art gives an edgy urban message to a study or lounge area. Wanting something not as large as a wall mural take a look at the typography choices in our posters. Posters and wall graphics can be personalized to create your own quotes murals just contact our design services and our experienced team will assist you.









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