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Glamour, Nostalgia and Retro

We have the perfect designs that creates your unique style.

1940’s was an age of glamour and sophistication and the inspiration behind our collection. A lot of people assume vintage is almost anything that is not new but that is not quite the case in interior design; there it is about the 1940’s and the end of World War II. At Rebel Walls we do not have constrictions about the time and era, our wallpaper intrinsically reflect glamour and nostalgia. Through our classic style murals of scooters, carousels and trains we bring the flavour of the movement of the past to your home or workplace. Our wallpapers are a projection back in time, creating the mood of nostalgia in the present, romantic floral murals and intricate hand written letters and postcards can add that indefinable sense of style and glamour from every era.

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Creating the retro look you want with Rebel Walls Vintage Wallpaper

Combining traditional with modern is very much a popular trend, the resulting effect giving a retro look that is unique to you. Put in a blend of modern furniture and create the effect you are looking for instantly. For use in any room in the home or workplace there is a design that will suit your blend of old and new. With a backdrop of old cassettes tapes in an eighties themed study, complete with white modern furniture or a floral period inspired wallpaper you can create a romantic ambience in a bedroom. If you are inclined to a more monochromatic colour scheme, look at the time inspired murals in our graphic colors collection.

Vintage murals certainly know how to add character to a room and whether your taste is for period architecture through to a retro take on a letter, we have the style you are looking for. You may want to add some of your own in the memorabilia to create a unique classy design. Come and talk with our design services about your requirements our experienced team are there to help. Order now and get some great offers form Rebel Walls!









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